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Karate Nation is a structure created by Cyril Martins, aim to promote and introduce the benefits of Karate to Kids, Young Adults and Adults by developing physical strength, enhance social skills, boost self-confidence, and learn the essential values of Karate.

Respect • Perseverance • Self-control • Loyalty •

Mini Ninjas

2-3 years old

The idea of this program is to introduce Karate and institute its benefits to their developing characters through various games and workshops that is beneficial for developing body awareness.

Aim to establish and develop:

Coordination skills • Social skills • Basic Self-Defense • Embrace Martial Arts values (Respect and Discipline) •

Karate Kids

4-6 years old

Our Holistic Karate Program focused on the fundamentals of the Traditional Karate. This program is designed to enable students to master the specific techniques of this Martial Art and acquire the moral values embedded on it.


7-9 years old

10 years old – Adults

Our comprehensive program will provide a complete Karate experience, going through all the aspects of the discipline with sessions tailored for each age group. The students are the epicenter of the program aiming to advance their skills, enrich passion for Karate and its core values.

• Japan Karate Association program:
The curriculum is in line with the J.K.A., one of the most influential Shotokan Karate Organization in the world and the only Japanese Martial Arts to have been recognized as a public interest incorporated association in 2012.

• Physical development:
Karate-Do training aims to enhance student’s level of fitness, motricity and coordination.

• Spirit of Martial Arts:
Self Control, Respect for Others, Ability to Focus, Good Manners— These are just some of the Values that we are hoping to share and instill to our students. Each class starts and ends with “Mokuso” – Meditation.
We envision our students to develop patience and to have a strong respect for other people.

• Principles of Karate:
We live by the 5 Principles of Karate “Dojo-Kun

Seek perfection of character • Be sincere • Put maximum efforts into everything you do • Respect others • Develop Self control

Women’s Self Defense


This program will provide a Karate experience focused on Self- Defense by empowering women to amplify their reflexes, improve stress management, enhance ability to defend themselves when facing physical threats or constraints and to strengthen mental health.

Karate Elites

Competitive Program

Tailored for students aiming to compete for National and International Tournaments. We provide support in polishing Kata/Kumite skills by following a specific program that will prepare the athletes for the upcoming competitions.

• Kata Focus:
This program can be tailored to students that would like to polish their Kata skills by following a specific program and a review of their techniques to ensure efficiency, speed, and power.

• Kumite Focus:
Students interested in Kumite can be integrated into this program, where there will be a guided step by step program showcasing a series of drills, agility training, and cognitive exercises to further reach the competitive level of sparring.

Online Classes

For everyone

New and existing students are welcome to join our Live Online classes streaming everyday. You can learn and participate on training online from the convenience of your home.

We are offering One-on-One coaching, Group Sessions and Family Sessions.

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Discovers Karate in a friendly and professionnal environment!
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