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At Karate Nation, we offer a diverse range of karate classes tailored to suit students of all ages and skill levels. Our Mini-Ninjas classes provide a fun and interactive introduction to karate for children aged 3 to 5, focusing on basic movements, coordination, and social skills. For youngsters aged 4 to 6, our Karate Kids program emphasises fundamental techniques while promoting discipline and confidence-building in a supportive environment. Teens and adults can join our Karate-Do classes, where they’ll develop strength, agility, and self-discipline through traditional martial arts training. Additionally, our Self Defense class equips students with practical skills to stay safe and confident in any situation. Join us and embark on an empowering journey of self-improvement and growth!

Respect • Perseverance • Self-control • Loyalty •

Karate Class | Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas

2-3 years old

The idea of this Karate class is to introduce Karate and institute its benefits to their developing characters through various games and workshops that are beneficial for developing body awareness.

Aim to establish and develop:

Coordination skills • Social skills • Basic Self-Defense • Embrace Martial Arts values (Respect and Discipline) •

Karate Class | Karate Kids

Karate Kids

4-6 years old

Our Holistic Karate Program focuses on the fundamentals of the Traditional Karate. This Karate class is designed to enable students to master the specific techniques of this Martial Art and acquire the moral values embedded on it.

Karate Class | Karate-Do


7-9 years old

10 years old – Adults

Our comprehensive program will provide a complete Karate experience, going through all the aspects of the discipline with sessions tailored for each age group. The students are the epicenter of this Karate class that aims to advance their skills, enrich passion for Karate and its core values.

• Japan Karate Association program:
The curriculum is in line with the J.K.A., one of the most influential Shotokan Karate Organization in the world and the only Japanese Martial Arts to have been recognized as a public interest incorporated association in 2012.

• Physical development:
Karate-Do training aims to enhance student’s level of fitness, motricity and coordination.

• Spirit of Martial Arts:
Self Control, Respect for Others, Ability to Focus, Good Manners— These are just some of the Values that we are hoping to share and instill to our students. Each class starts and ends with “Mokuso” – Meditation.
We envision our students to develop patience and to have a strong respect for other people.

• Principles of Karate:
We live by the 5 Principles of Karate “Dojo-Kun

Seek perfection of character • Be sincere • Put maximum efforts into everything you do • Respect others • Develop Self control

Self Defense Class Singapore | Women's Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense


In today’s world, women face unique safety concerns and potential threats that make it crucial for them to prioritise self-defense training. Learning self-defense empowers women with the skills and confidence to protect themselves in various situations, whether it’s walking alone at night, traveling solo, or facing potential harassment or assault. Self-defense training provides women with practical techniques to defend against physical attacks, but it also offers mental and emotional benefits, such as increased confidence, awareness of surroundings, and assertiveness in setting boundaries.

At Karate Nation, we understand the importance of women’s safety and empowerment, which is why we offer comprehensive self defense classes in Singapore tailored specifically for women. Our classes provide a safe and supportive environment where women can learn effective self-defense techniques, including strikes, blocks, and escapes, taught by experienced instructors who prioritise practicality and real-life scenarios. In addition to physical techniques, our self defense classes also focus on situational awareness, verbal de-escalation skills, and mental preparation to empower women to stay safe and confident in any situation.

Furthermore, our self defense classes in Singapore go beyond just physical training; they also foster a sense of community and support among women, providing a network of like-minded individuals who can share experiences, offer encouragement, and empower each other. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some martial arts experience, our self defense classes at Karate Nation are designed to meet your needs and help you develop the skills and confidence to navigate the world with greater safety and assurance. Join us at Karate Nation and take the first step towards empowering yourself with the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and live life with confidence.

Karate Class | Karate Elites

Karate Elites

Competitive Program

A Karate class tailored for students aiming to compete for National and International Tournaments. We provide support in polishing Kata/Kumite skills by following a specific program that will prepare the athletes for the upcoming competitions.

• Kata Focus:
This program can be tailored to students that would like to polish their Kata skills by following a specific program and a review of their techniques to ensure efficiency, speed, and power.

• Kumite Focus:
Students interested in Kumite can be integrated into this program, where there will be a guided step by step program showcasing a series of drills, agility training, and cognitive exercises to further reach the competitive level of sparring.

Karate Class | Online Classes

Online Classes

For everyone

New and existing students are welcome to join our Live Online Karate class streaming everyday. You can learn and participate on training online from the convenience of your home.

We are offering One-on-One coaching, Group Sessions and Family Sessions.

Contact us to find out more about this program.

Our Karate Training

At Karate Nation, our training methods are meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive and fulfilling martial arts experience. We prioritise the fundamental elements of kihon (basic techniques), kata (formalized patterns of movement), and kumite (sparring and self-defense).

In each karate class, students engage in dynamic warm-ups to prepare their bodies, followed by focused instruction in kihon to develop precise technique and proper form. We then delve into kata practice, where students refine their movements, enhance concentration, and cultivate discipline.

Finally, our karate class includes kumite drills, allowing students to apply their skills in practical, real-life scenarios while fostering confidence and resilience. With passionate instructors guiding every step, our karate class offers a supportive and empowering environment where students of all levels can thrive. Join us at Karate Nation and embark on a journey of personal growth, mastery, and empowerment through the art of karate.

Our Karate Progression

In Karate, the belt system serves as a visible representation of a student’s progress and skill level within martial arts. At Karate Nation, we adhere to a structured belt system that follows traditional karate ranking conventions.

The belt system typically begins with a white belt for beginners, symbolising purity, and the start of the journey. As students progress and demonstrate proficiency in fundamental techniques, they advance through various colored belts, such as yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and eventually black. Each belt color signifies the student’s increasing knowledge, skill, and commitment to their karate practice.

Karate Nation follows a rigorous curriculum aligned with the requirements of each belt level. Students are evaluated based on their mastery of specific techniques, fundamental skills (kihon), forms (kata), and sparring (kumite) abilities appropriate for their rank. Our experienced instructors provide guidance, feedback, and assessments to ensure that students meet the standards set forth for each belt level.

Advancement through the belt system at Karate Nation is not solely based on technical proficiency but also on character development, discipline, and dedication to the art. As students progress, they not only gain physical skills but also cultivate important qualities such as respect, perseverance, and self-confidence.

Ultimately, the belt system at Karate Nation serves as a roadmap for students to track their progress, set goals, and celebrate their achievements. It provides a clear framework for skill development and motivates students to continue their journey of self-improvement and mastery in the art of karate.

Discovers Karate in a friendly and professionnal environment!
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