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Karate Classes in Singapore for Beginners

Karate Classes in Singapore for Beginners Have you ever considered taking up martial arts? Perhaps you’re drawn to improved fitness or seeking greater self-confidence and stress relief. Whatever your reasons, martial arts offer a unique blend of physical and mental benefits, and karate classes can be a fantastic starting point for your journey. At Karate […]

A Guide to Selecting Karate Schools in Singapore

Karate in Singapore Karate, a dynamic martial art known for its discipline and self defence techniques, has grown in popularity in Singapore over the years. With so many karate schools in Singapore offering various styles and focuses, finding the perfect fit can be challenging.  This comprehensive guide aims to help you navigate the world of […]

What to Expect in a Self Defence Class in Singapore

Self Defence Class in Singapore While Singapore has a good reputation for safety, it is always crucial to stay prepared for unexpected situations. This is where self defence classes come in. These classes are witnessing a surge in popularity, empowering individuals to take a proactive approach to their safety and well-being. In this article, we’ll […]

Results of the 13th JKA Singapore Championship 2024

Dear Parents, Students, and Supporters, We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our participation in the recent 13th JKA Singapore Championship 2024! It was an exhilarating experience for all of us, filled with unforgettable moments of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Led by our dedicated instructor, Cyril Martins, our team of passionate students showcased […]

Results of the K.U.S. Interschool Karate Championships 2023

On Sunday 22nd April 2023 took place the K.U.S. Interschool Karate Championships 2023. This ompetition was opened to all Karate students in Singapore. Karate Nation had a delegation of 12 competitors joining the event (both Kata and Kumite) and we managed to bring home 8 medals! I would like to congratulate them for their amazing […]

What makes Karate unique?

Introduction Martial arts are a popular lifestyle activity to take part in, due to its fitness benefits, self-defence aspects, and broad cultural appeal. However, it can be difficult to choose which martial art to focus on, given the many different martial arts out there. If you find yourself in such a position, this article could […]

Results of the K.U.S. National Kata Championships 2021

On Sunday 17th and 24th, October took place the K.U.S. National Kata Championships 2021. This Kata competition was opened to all Karate practitioners aged from 5 years old onwards. Karate Nation had a delegation of 10 competitors joining the event and I wanted to congratulate them for their amazing performance. Here are the results of […]

Interview with L’Effet Domino on my career switch

Hi everyone, Today I would like to share with you the interview made by L’Effet Domino -an independent and positive media source regarding my career switch from Supply Chain to Karate Instructor. The whole interview is about the beautiful concept of “Ikigai” (Reason for being) in Japanese and the fundamentals of Karate (values, discipline and […]

Karate classes during confinement

While being confined, the temptation to stop all physical activities is considerable. Lucky for you, we are conducting online Karate classes every single day for everybody. If you are bored, do not know what to do, or just curious about trying a new activity, we got you covered! Our classes are available for everyone: Kids, […]

4 reasons why your kids should practice Karate

“Seek perfection of character. Be faithful. Endeavor. Respect others. Refrain from violent behavior” – Gichin Fukanoshi – Founder of Shotokan Karate and considered as the Father of Modern Karate. These 5 values are widely known to Karate practitioners. We recite these 5 essential values at the beginning and end of each class. These are in […]

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