Results of the K.U.S. Interschool Karate Championships 2023

On Sunday 22nd April 2023 took place the K.U.S. Interschool Karate Championships 2023.

This ompetition was opened to all Karate students in Singapore.

Karate Nation had a delegation of 12 competitors joining the event (both Kata and Kumite) and we managed to bring home 8 medals!

I would like to congratulate them for their amazing performance.

I am proud of their commitment and the efforts they produced in the past month to prepare for the tournament.

Here are the results of our students:

Name of CompetitorCategoryResult
Yukino UshidaFemale Kata and Kumite (P5 and P6)
Puk MullensFemale Kata ( Secondary 1-2)
Hao Yuan LuiMale Kumite (P5 and P6) -41kgs
Augustin RamadierMale Kumite (P5 and P6) +41kgs
Emilio CruzMale Kumite (P1 and P2) – 23kgs
Roman AndrosovMale Kumite (Secondary 1 and 2) – 46kgs
Evan AgapiouMale Kumite (Secondary 1 and 2) + 46kgs

At Karate Nation, we make sure our students learn the fundamentals of Karate but also cultivate the proper mindset to push themselves and face challenges with a positive attitude.

You can find all the pictures on our Facebook page

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